What is Feed Your Crazy?

It's a fitness philosophy. We believe physical activity builds positive momentum in life.

Why Feed Your Crazy?

If you love to train, regardless of sport, many people will call you crazy. We think that's a good thing. You're doing hard things people often don't understand. And that makes you stronger.

Do You Have a Crazy?

Anyone can have a physical goal. Whatever gets you up and moving is your crazy. And when you feed it, it becomes stronger. You become stronger.

Embracing Feed Your Crazy

It's a little irreverent. And some people will disagree. But we think Feed Your Crazy is a great way to stay sane. Life is tough. We all go through difficult times, events and struggles.

The world will provide you many ways to deal with those struggles. Medication (which hey, let's be honest, is the right call sometimes), self-medication with alcohol, drugs, there is media to consume your time and help you escape, and innumerable ways to spend money on in an attempt to feel better about yourself through "retail therapy".

We struggle against depression, anxiety, fear, injury, illness, loss, and so much more. Our stories are survivor stories. We have collectively trained for triathlons, marathons, half marathons, crossfit competitions, we've trained to hike mountains, walk around the block or lift an olympic bar. We train because working out, although tough, makes us feel better. And, as we accomplish our physical goals, that success spills over to the rest of our lives. It doesn't remove the struggle. But it gives us strength to deal with those struggles.

What is your Feed Your Crazy story?

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You can join the Feed Your Crazy community, and wear your crazy on your sleeve ... or singlet, T, hat. You get the idea.